Give a Chance To Success

Several times in our lives, the success gets close to be noticed. Sometimes it whispers to our ears gently  and sometimes it knocks the door as if it will never leave. In each situation there are a few key factors not to miss it and let it go away… Here are some monologues i tried to note down in the last few weeks.

Power of NOW:

We should never ignore the great power of now in getting things done. Just a small bad example from my side. I used to wake up just at once when i was a little secondary school kid, when i had no opportunity to “delay” the alarm clock. In today’s world the comfort of multi-alarms, delays and all other lazy stuff on our mobiles are pushing me waste my free time in the mornings. The result is a work day starting in rush or even late. So i decided to use the power of now and set just one alarm for a specific hour and wake up at once. Because if i can build a principle of doing things on time on the very simplest, most basic part of life which is waking up, i can extend this to my whole life and close the gap between the three processes of idea creation, decision and implementation, which will drive me to success quickly and certainly.

I’ll begin with really simple things. For example for a very long time i have an iPhone, which has just a few songs in. When the idea to upload some nice songs in it came to my mind, i choose to forget it for a while, i don’t know why, must be a trick of my subconscious-laziness. After a while i decided to upload the songs, because walking would be much more fun with some music in my ears. But when it came to implementation i choose to postpone it to another time. “Another time”  is here critical because it is might be an undefined time slot in the infinity. Today i choose to use the power of now and i’ll have something to listen when i take the way to work.

When the idea of “bringing young professionals together off-line” came out, we were having a breakfast. The idea was simple and unique so at that moment we believed it was a good idea, that moment we decided to kick it off and that moment we took action, one week later we held our first After Work Party, with a few hundreds of participants. If we had postponed it, if we had somehow found some excuses to ignore the simplicity and uniqueness of the idea -which brings us actually to the power of “beta”- today we would never had a 10.000 people network of young professionals…

Fear of Failure

I know this is a cliché that everyone repeats as a broken record, but it is absolutely one of the biggest blocks against success, that is for sure.  There are some times that we are afraid we’ll fail. We’re afraid that our family and friends will judge us on our choices and motivations and we’re afraid to hear them say “I told you” in case we fail… I believe failure is one of the most natural facts that we’ll face if only we have a meaningful aim. I think we should be scared if we never screw it up, if we never fail as the things are going quite good. Because then that means we have no practice area to learn and avoid. I believe failure is a kind of vaccine for success. The only thing that matters is to reach our golden goal even in the extra time. If we are on the A point and want to go the point B, we’ll never have a straight line that would easily take us to the goal. Failures seem to be driving us out of the line, but in reality they give us a chance to create tactics to strength our strategy and these tactics put us back on the way.

Take Full Responsibility

One important thing to be remembered, is that you are one and the only reason for what you do or don’t do and who you are and you aren’t… And everyone will get the pleasure / or face the consequences of what they did or not.