Iverson Signs with Beşiktaş to Save The Day

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson, one of the most important players in the NBA history, signed a two-year $4 million deal today with one of the major teams in Turkish Basketball League, Beşiktaş. This is surprising news for the basketball fans but Beşiktaş managers have been working really hard to close the deal for the last weeks.

After the little shock i thought about this year’s transfer strategy of Beşiktaş and i came with an idea that could also be a lesson for corporate organisations as well:

Beşiktaş fans are obviously delighted to have this former NBA MVP in the team, but they were confident in the management that they’d get this job done considering the success in putting superstars into Beşiktaş football team squad this season. They transferred the Portoguese star Ricardo Quaresma from Inter and Spanish football maestro Guti Hernandez from Real Madrid. Beşiktaş was so close to get Brazilian superstar Robinho as well but Robinho choose to join A.C. Milan.

I’m not a basketball fan at all, but the experts are suspicious about the sportive contribution that Iverson could make to the team, as he came through very serious family issues and that he’s not playing for a very long time for a professional. It’s going to take some time till he gets close to his former performance. But there is no question about his contribution to the team in terms of global awareness and loyalty to club management.

Before Iverson transfer i was not sure about that but now it’s clear for me that the management’s strategy behind signing with world stars is to raise the global awareness, fans’ loyalty and the president’s reputation. The problematic situation of the club last season pushed the management to take radical decisions to save the day, otherwise the whole management team would be pushed to resigning. Global awareness was a bonus benefit in my opinion, or at least that was not their primary concern putting the world stars in the team. And sportive success? I don’t think that was in consideration… With respect to the club’s successful transfers, i think they should also focus on the young players, the training quality, finance, facilities etc. to reach long-term sportive success. The position of the team (7th place) after 10 weeks proves that a few world stars are not enough for glory.

This is all same in every organisation i think, if you want a sustainable growth and long-term success with the help of radical changes, you should have a really strong understructure first that would carry the new weight on the long run.